The Magnetism Of Industrial Magnets

The standard magnet has come a long way since its days as compass materials. These days, various types of magnets are available and are used in various fields. Industrial Magnets, for instance, have great use in several areas including the manufacturing sector.

Industrial Magnets can come in the form of magnetic sweepers, and are known to help immensely especially when it comes to cutting down on operational costs. Without magnets, a number of industries can incur significant losses. For example, if magnetic sweepers are absent in airports, airplanes could suffer from unnecessary flat tires.

Apart from sweeping a given area for metallic debris that can pose problems for various industries, magnets also act as sorters and separators. This becomes especially true among businesses that are involved in the manufacturing field.

Actually, this is one area where the industrial magnet has achieved global prominence. By acting as mechanical sorters, magnets can conveniently identify iron and metal particles and effectively set these aside. This prevents the particles from unnecessarily mixing with the production process where they can present a variety of problems.

The food manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to this type of danger. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find industrial magnets being utilized by food manufacturers while production is in process.

In some other manufacturing businesses, magnets come in the form of conveyors. Generally, these are responsible in transporting items from one location to another. In this case, production is known to proceed at a much faster rate with the safety of both the product and the workers assured at the same time mainly because of the help extended by the conveyors.

Industrial Magnets, regardless of how they are called, are clearly important components in the entire production process. Presently, modern technology is looking at several other ways by which these magnets can be further exploited to meet the growing needs of various industries. For more details on how industrial magnets are able to help people, please visit

Sheen Metre Use in Product Manufacturing

Gloss MeterA sheen meter or gloss meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the specular gloss reflection of a surface. It works by projecting a beam light onto a surface at a specified angle normally at 60, 20 and 75 degrees. This is done at a fixed intensity and thus the reflected light is measured at the opposite equal angle. This data is the one measured at the for standardization purposes in different materials.

How they are used in the manufacturing process

Manufacturers have over the years measured the glare or shine of a produc and for measuring Opacity. This has overtime been used to determine the amount of product that needs to be used to get the desired product appearance. The statistic collected should be equal or at least range at the accepted average in the same product in order to give the manufacturer consistent reliable results and appearance in all their products. There are different types of geometrics available for the gloss meter dependent on surface that needs to be measured. This is largely dependent on the surface, that is non- metals like plastics and ceramics, paper, paint and metal.

The gloss or sheen meter has enabled manufacturers to measure consistency in all their products giving them quantifiable means of measuring gloss at specific angles. This is proving especially useful to perfect production control. In different manufacturing companies like automotives, paintings and ceramics polishing, the technology is applied to ensure that the end product is what is expected by the customer, appealing and inviting to the client. Full statistical analysis is given by the sheen meter by a simple press of a button that commences the shining of light and scanning to get accurate values. Different designs have been introduced into the market that measure large, small and curved surfaces and thus identify non conformance materials that can then be corrected.